NONNA ARMIDA Love Family Food was born with the intention of transmitting an approach to cooking that takes its inspiration from my beloved grandmother Armida who, when she was over 90, would have started to make her lunch by half cooking the tomatoes in order to peel them and then make the red sauce for her pasta.
It wasn’t too much work and it wasn’t for a special occasion. It was cooking and it was for herself.
This blog focuses on the natural pace of cooking simple recipes from fresh ingredients for the well being of you and your family.
The blog is also conceived with the intention of creating a community of food lovers as well as a platform for people that live in Switzerland to understand how and where to find ingredients, tools and inspiration within the country and also abroad.


NONNA ARMIDA Love Family Food wurde mit der Absicht ins Leben gerufen, sich mit den Kochkünsten meiner geliebten Grossmutter Armida, die für mich schon immer eine grosse Inspiration war, näher zu befassen, und andererseits ihr fundiertes Können weiter zu geben. Sie hat noch mit über 90 Jahren mittags die Tomaten blanchiert und geschält, um eine Tomatensauce für ihre Pasta zu kochen. Es war nicht zu viel Arbeit und auch nicht für einen speziellen Anlass. Es war einfach Kochen, und es war für ihr eigenes Mittagessen.
Dieser Blog ist speziell ausgerichtet auf die natürliche Art des Kochens und einfache Rezepte mit frischen Zutaten ­ zu ihrem Wohl und das ihrer Familie.
Auch habe ich diesen Blog erstellt, um eine Gemeinschaft von “FOODLOVERS” zu bilden, sowie eine Plattform für alle Menschen die in der Schweiz leben, um herauszufinden,wo man Zutaten, Zubehör und Inspiration im ganzen Land und darüber hinaus finden kann.



The stories behind a name are never short, so here is mine, for whoever wants to know more…

I was born in Casorate Primo, a small village in the province of the small town of Pavia, south of the bigger and fancier city of Milan, where my parents have always lived.

On the night between the second and the third of October 1975, still in my mother’s belly, I left Milan headed towards the village hospital where my mother’s doctor worked.

Few days later, in my mother’s arms, I would come back to my hometown of Milan.

Since then I would have always carried the small village name in my identity card.


When I was eight my mother asked me what I wanted to be when I was grown up.

The question was tricky as I had never given it a thought.

Simply, I had always seen myself being like my mother, who was staying at home with me and my sister.

Whatever. I took few minutes to decide what I wanted to be and came up with “cook”.

However, I think that by the time I gave my answer, my mother was already in the other room.


By the time I was thirteen I didn’t have a clue of how to cook, as I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen when the stove top was on.

The thing that I liked the most was drawing , especially making copies, mostly of other drawings but also of calligraphies when I had to modify the number of piano exercises assigned to me -in pencil- by the piano teacher.

I also liked to paint, and maybe I was good since on that last year of junior high my two paintings exhibited in a collective at the school, were stolen.


Few months after the theft of my paintings I started high school.

I would have not drawn for the following fifteen years.

There are eight types of intelligence: verbal; mathematical; musical; visual; bodily; interpersonal; intrapersonal; naturalistic. My high school was mainly focusing on the first two, and so did I, until I was introduced to the last one, the naturalistic, at sixteen years old, and my interests drifted towards the Natural Sciences.

It made sense to me that whatever question you have, the answer should be somewhere close to the beginning of the Time.

I was fascinated by the role of humanity within the greater ecosphere.

For five years, at University, I forced my mind in what it is worst at: memorizing.

But I truly loved putting the Universe into categories.


By the time I was twentyfour I could finally put myself in adult life by working as a high school teacher while studying to be a teacher.

By the time I was twentysix it was clear that adult life sucked.

So I decided to cheer it up by moving out of my parents’ house.

By the time I was twentyeight I was living in my new rental house in the very suburb of Milan.

The house was great: two huge rooms with fireplace. Just the bathroom being outside was quite challenging at six in the morning on winter days.


 Soon after I officially became a teacher I had to take in the reality of the situation that the school system was too old and too static and that eighty percent of the pupils didn’t fit in it.

I decided to get the hell out of the cheaply remunerated, almost missionary job, and fly to London to be a barman.

After a tiny month in London I met my future husband, a photographer just landed from Canada, also working shifts at the pub.

Before he made me laugh out loud I tried to have him fired.

Three years and a diploma in Interior Design later, we decided to live in Milan and got married.

It’s in Milan with us settling nearby my grandmother’s house that we started to be very keen of Nonna Armida cooking.

I was following her because I felt that as a married woman I needed to boost my cooking skills, while Patrick who had always been passionate about cooking enjoyed the real experience of being introduced to Italian food by a real Italian grandmother!

When our freezer was so full of bread that I had to give away kilos of it, I suggested he changed career path.


Patrick worked as a chef and became a real pro. Few years later he got offered a job in Switzerland and we moved. Not to the Ticino Canton, where I already had clients of my design business, but to the Zurich Canton, where the language barrier sounded scary but the challenge and the countryside very appealing!


 Although very very different from Italy we felt at home in Switzerland right away.

I started to work with kids as an Italian teacher and a nanny.

As a nanny I loved cooking for the kids as I love their feedback. The best compliments for food are from kids!

One year after Patrick changed job and left the food business, one month after my beloved Nonna died, I decided to start a food blog in her name.

My wish is to bring more real Italian food into Switzerland and transmitting a relaxed approach to cooking.