purple green 1My third and last of my three-colours green-juices post-festivities detox-session! As I explained in the previous post (orange green juice) the fact that these juices are based on fruits and vegetables of specific colours is not just a visual indulgence. In fact these colours are the ones of “phytochemicals”, non-nutrients that play an important role in our metabolism by activating/deactivating physiologic processes.



orange green 1This is another recipe for a healthy juice that you can drink instead of eating whenever you feel intoxicated, both by too much food or by a cold/flu. I either have 4 or 5 drinks of 350ml for the whole day or else I have three, one in the morning, one at lunch and one in the afternoon and then I have some cooked vegetables for dinner with some light cheese, like ricotta. 

This is not a diet



Back from holiday with a couple more kilos and with a cold I opted for three days of green juices that don’t add any unwanted fat plus they boost the immune system.

Contrary to what one would expect juices actually feel you up pretty well and they give you so much satisfaction that you don’t feel any urge to eat… in the sense of chewing solid food.