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How could this blog possibly be an Italian food blog without tiramisù? 

When I speak about tiramisù with non Italian people I always feel that abroad there is this idea that we eat as much tiramisù as pasta, every day, several times a day… Well not exactly… it is good, don’t get me wrong… but once in awhile is enough as it is a very energetic dessert (Tiramisù litterally means ‘lift me up’..).



For this post I asked my very special friend Simona to cook for me this delicious cream that she made once for a party two years ago. It’s still the best Mascarpone cream I have ever had so I thought to dig into her secret recipe and indulge in a sweet afternoon in her company. 



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I have always liked carrot cake, but every time I would eat one I would think: “it’s good but… If it was just a little bit less dry…”

And finally I stumbled in the perfect recipe…!



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chocolate cake1
This recipe comes from the city of Ferrara in Italy and it was passed to me by my dear friend Simona who attended university there.
The italian name is Torta Tenerina, “soft cake”.