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Bouillon is the base for everything with taste.

Add it to almost anything (soup, stew, risotto, sauces, reductions, saute or roast vegetables) and it will round flavours up, making everything taste like there was a grandmother in the kitchen.



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 with c1 presetMaking your own mayonnaise is something that gives you a great feedback, either if you are cooking just for yourself or if you are cooking for guests.

Fresh, homemade mayonnaise is very easy and fast (15 minutes) to make and the taste is very different and so much better than the industrial one.

After you will try your own mayo it will be difficult to go back.



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I have always liked carrot cake, but every time I would eat one I would think: “it’s good but… If it was just a little bit less dry…”

And finally I stumbled in the perfect recipe…!



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This is a super fast, very healthy recipe that will appeal to kids too…

And because salmon is particularly rich in Omega-3 it is very good for children as they play a crucial role in brain function, as well as normal growth and development.



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LOVE FRIENDS’ FOOD is my new monthly column dedicated to cooking with friends.

For the first post I went to Barcelona and cooked with a very dear Spanish friend.

His name is Fernando and I met him when I was living in London.

He is a very special guy


PIZZA (homemade pizza dough)

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I know I am not the only one, but I am in love with pizza.

Especially on a Sunday night, definitely italians first choice for ending the week with pleasure.



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chocolate cake1
This recipe comes from the city of Ferrara in Italy and it was passed to me by my dear friend Simona who attended university there.
The italian name is Torta Tenerina, “soft cake”.



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I am a white fish lover. They are good, healthy, lean but filling, easy to digest. They are a good source of proteins and of your best friends Omega-3! The American Heart Association recommends two portions of fish per week, more if you have a cardiovascular disease. 



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Everybody knows potatoes cooked in the oven, of course… But here I am talking about the best guaranteed oven potatoes! With few tricks you can prepare delicious potatoes that look yummy and are yummy. 



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There is nothing that makes me feel more in contact with nature then making passata.
Maybe it is because of the earthy smell of the tomatoes or maybe it is because at the end of the summer I am filled with the colours and the heat and I feel like celebrating all this life. Maybe it is because I am putting away food for the cold winter, like in one of my favourite fables The Grasshopper and the Ants.